We started out with Compliance Today, a compliance focused publication which changed to our initial incillation business offering

- a service offering risk focused micro research and micro analysis offerings for smaller businesses

Our main focus is compliance and financial services regulation. We advise, create policies and procedures, review files and compliance frameworks for better compliance.

Independent and Legally Qualified

Our specialist site - Go Spot It offers a fully independent service - pure compliance and no extra's. We dig deep into your compliance risks and review your financial or Investment advice to help you reduce your risks. We call our's a No Regret Proposition. Our reviewer is a law graduate and experienced specialist with experience from Legal and General, Directline Group and Marwyn Investment Management. Flexible experience guided by insight, skill, diligence and regulatory acumen.

What makes us different...

We focus purely on post-authorisation compliance. We know from experience that what you do next after FCA authorisation matters so we make your efforts work for you. We advise and review and focus on your compliance risks, working intensively with you to assure your compliance. Our process is simple. We use a simplified process to cut time waste and streamline our compliance reviews. No manuals, no unnecessary paperwork, we make compliance work for you. Our process saves you valuable time and money - leaving you to focus on the things that really matter.